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Live The Dream

Franchise ownership provides something uniquely American—unlimited freedom and opportunity. If you’ve ever considered owning your own business, explore this exciting world with PIP.


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Wall Decals & Graphics

Expanding horizons.

We didn’t have a big interior design budget for our restaurant. Wall art was the perfect solution for a big effect at a reasonable price.

Hit the wall.

Wall decals and graphics can dramatically transform a space from backdrop to marketing showstopper.

Restaurants, fitness centers, shopping malls, pediatric offices and many others are getting into the action—wall decals and graphics. Apply them for decoration, promotions or coming soon messaging to add that eye-catching wow-factor that inspires customers and prospects. PIP can custom-fit decals and wallpapers to accommodate your vision as well as nearly any wall surface. Stop by. We’ll help you explore the possibilities of wall decals and graphics for your business.

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