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Career Posting | Nov 08, 2021

Prepress/Graphic Designer

825 South Main Street

Burlington, NC 27215

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Position Overview

  • Produce prepress graphics and text to job specifications/requirements. 
  • Executes design, layout and typesetting projects accurately and effectively. 
  • Sends jobs to digital output equipment.
  • Assists inside and outside sales staff in promoting services to customers. 


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Perform production requirements in a timely and efficient manner according to the schedule of management.
  • Offer graphic design ideas, solutions and alternatives based on customer input.
  • Schedule all work to meet customer time frame requirements. Monitor deadlines and report conflicts to management to establish priorities BEFORE the jobs are due.
  • Operate and maintain prepress computer, printer and other equipment (PC and Mac), scanner, and RIPs.
  • Become proficient in the current technology for creating graphics, documents and digital files utilizing existing equipment and materials.
  • Follow-up with customers on all job proofs.
  • Monitor system for digital files sent by customers via online storefront catalogs and email.
  • Preflight digital files for potential problems. 
  • Perform regular computer back-up and archive customer files for safekeeping and for easy retrieval. Purge obsolete files.
  • Output digital files per job specifications.


Other Responsibilities

  • Follow systems and procedures according to the company manuals.
  • Provide necessary digital training to sales staff when appropriate.
  • Ensure all design work is approved prior to going into production.
  • Coordinate with copy and press operators to ensure that work meets their expectations/ requirements.
  • Reject poor quality or incorrect jobs and notify management.
  • Organize and maintain clean and orderly work area.
  • Monitor graphics supplies and order as needed.
  • Upon closing, turn off prepress equipment.
  • Ensure all jobs are placed in proper location before leaving. 
  • All other duties as assigned.



  • Two years’ education in graphic design, 1-year practical experience with 1 year of print production experience.
  • Working understanding of dual platform, applications, such as: PageMaker, Quark, Microsoft Word, Acrobat, Microsoft Publisher, InDesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, and PhotoShop. 
  • Knowledge of PDF and postscript files and PDF plug-ins.
  • General knowledge of utility programs such as file compression, disk repair and print spoolers.
  • Ability to prepare files for output to film, plate, spot and 4-color process, receive and manipulate files electronically and maintain operating system on production machine.
  • Ability to send files to the image setter, high speed digital copiers and color copiers.
  • Proven ability in proofreading and editing.


Working Environment:

Intensive computer work and extended use of the computer keyboard and mouse. Sitting for long periods of time - as long as 8 hours at a stretch. Exposure to ink and chemical fumes, and airborne particles, such as paper dust and drying powder. Noise can be loud sporadically. Subject to frequent priority changes where a fast-pace and short notice occur regularly.


Prepress/Graphic Designer

Burlington, NC 27215

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