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Franchise ownership provides something uniquely American—unlimited freedom and opportunity. If you’ve ever considered owning your own business, explore this exciting world with PIP.


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At PIP we provide marketing, signs and print services designed to help customers meet their business growth objectives. Explore the many ways we have done this for our customers.

Online Ordering Portal Proves to Be a Huge Time-Saver

Online Ordering Portal

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Online Ordering Portal Provesto Be a Huge Time-Saver
Online Ordering Portal Provesto Be a Huge Time-Saver

Challenge: A manufacturing company started a new subdivision within their organization. They were seeking a way to initiate the new brand standards and to educate the new stores about the marketing materials available to them. The company wanted a partner that could produce all the needed items, create an easy-to-use portal where any skilled or unskilled individual could order supplies (without calls or questions into corporate) and allow them to track all items being ordered. The marketing specialist wanted to eliminate the multitude of daily calls asking what was available, how they could get what they needed and how much it cost. Finally, they wanted a system that would allow them to defer some costs back to the corporate headquarters.

Solution: We created an Online Ordering Portal that allowed multiple users to order items that are brand approved, including brochures, posters, flags, promotional items, banners, vehicle wraps and more. The site also allowed them to track who was ordering, the items being ordered, and it provided a master buyer approval process whereby orders could be approved before being placed by individual buyers. We helped them set up a 50 percent co-op fund onto each of their accounts so it would let the buyer know that a portion of the order would be paid for by corporate versus their own cost center. The Online Ordering Portal was set up so the end users could order only what was available to them, not items that pertained to others. This offered even more control for the company.

Results: Our customer was thrilled that we were able to take the ordering, brand control and questions on products off of his plate. Now he does not have to be involved in any of those calls. The Online Ordering Portal has given him the time to focus on new equipment launches. Today, he can simply send a buyer to the site and get on to his next project.

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