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Blog Post | Jun 18, 2024

Elevate Your On-site Event with Marketing

Transform Spaces into Experiences with These Key Elements

Topics: Event Marketing, Creative Services

The first opportunity you have to engage with your event attendees on-site is when they enter the room or walk into your booth. Creating a memorable atmosphere is a necessary part of inviting guests into a space and this can be done largely through marketing. The right materials, displays, signs and giveaway items can transform a boring space into a warm and welcoming one, setting the tone for your event.

Below are some helpful tips that can elevate your event from bland to unforgettable, keeping your brand top of mind for attendees long after your event ends.

Tradeshow Booth/Table – If your event is a tradeshow, the booth is the most important way you can communicate with your audience. The backbone of your displays, signs and materials, your booth (whether a physical booth or a popup display and table) is the biggest tool you have for attracting visitors.

For other event types, you may want to rent a few tables to display key information about your brand and show off products or spec sheets. Depending on the formality of the event, you may display your materials and promotional items on tables throughout your event space or in a designated location. Either way, signs, graphics and handouts are all valuable on-site marketing elements.

Backdrops – Select large stage displays to draw attention to keynote speakers or hosts or banner stands for an easy way to brand your booth. You may also want to consider a branded step-and-repeat for photos and selfies if social media is part of your marketing plan.

Signage – Signs represent your brand and message, catch the eye of attendees and give them a taste of what your company can do for them. From large graphics to wayfinding pieces, eye-catching signs are an essential part of any event.

Marketing Materials – If you are hosting or exhibiting at a tradeshow, you will need to have brochures or flyers, booth displays, signage, promotional items and business cards.

Tabletop Displays – Portable and cost-effective, tabletop displays are a great way to showcase products or information. Easily assembled, they are a blank slate for you to personalize with graphics and branding.

Promotional Items – These should reflect or support your theme and your brand. Technology items or unusual decorative pieces that attendees will want to hold onto are your best bet.

Social media – No cost and with a low barrier to entry, social media is a great way to engage with attendees at your event. Use relevant hashtags to extend visibility and build community. You can also share behind-the-scenes videos, create interactive polls and surveys, design challenges that generate user-generated content and run interactive contests.

Website – whether you need to develop a new site or want to update the one you already have, a website is a strategic event marketing tool you don’t want to omit. Post-event, attendees will go to your website to learn more about your company’s products, services, values, etc. Your site is your 24/7 business card to help prospects decide if they want to work with you.

If events are a part of your marketing mix, take the time to build a strategic event marketing plan outlining which of the above elements you would like to use to attract and engage with prospective customers and drive results. We can help with any of these elements from tradeshow planning to website design. Contact us to learn more.
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