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Blog Post | Jul 02, 2024

How Great Leave-Behinds Make Your Presentations Even More Effective

A good presentation isn’t complete without a great leave-behind: a tangible folder or package that summarizes and enhances your presentation.

Topics: Promotional Products, Event Marketing

Congratulations – you got that big meeting with a prospective, high-value client. You and your team crafted a beautiful PowerPoint deck, went in, and nailed the presentation.
But are you missing out on a leave-behind?

Leave-behinds are precisely what the name suggests: something tangible you leave behind to summarize your presentation or tie the proverbial bow around the entire experience. There’s no ideal form for a leave-behind, but this post will discuss some time-tested options, as well as the content that can help you seal the deal.

A Leave-Behind Isn’t Just a Summary of Your Presentation
Just like your sales presentation isn’t just recycling information from your product brochures, your leave-behind isn’t a rehash of your presentation or other marketing materials. At the very least, your leave-behind should be a well-organized, visually appealing, high-level summary of the meeting that includes details such as:>
  • The date, time, purpose of the meeting and agenda (if you shared one)
  • An overview of the topics discussed
  • Info about your team, complete with job titles and contact information
  • Anything else that connects your customer to the presentation experience

The Difference Between a Good Leave Behind and One That’s Unforgettable
Your leave-behind should be strongly branded and high-quality, whatever format you choose. The leave-behind functions as your ‘silent spokesperson’: it may be shared with people who weren’t at your presentation and may not be familiar with your company, so it should make a strong impression.

We always recommend thinking print-first when developing a leave-behind since a printed piece makes a stronger impression than a PDF or digital file. If you have to develop a digital version for those who can’t be there in person, you can also incorporate short videos, especially if you have highlights from the presentation.

A good leave-behind starts with a branded folder that neatly organizes all the relevant materials. It should include die-cuts for business cards—and yes, a physical business card is a must since it positions you and your business as trustworthy, reliable, and well-established. 

Next, load the folder with relevant marketing materials. As we said earlier, including an agenda is an excellent way to organize the folder. Then, include the essentials: brochures, sell sheets and other materials discussed during the presentation.

You can also create a custom binder that serves the same functions. The classic three-ring binder with a pocket for a custom cover page is one idea that allows you to leverage material you already have. Custom, spiral-bound leave-behinds can make a big impression.

A great leave-behind is the total package that starts with either a printed folder or a binder and includes a custom-branded, reusable thumb drive with digital versions of your marketing materials. It should also include some high-quality promo items to keep your company and presentation top-of-mind. 

Swag has such a powerful effect on would-be customers that 83% of consumers say they’re more likely to work with a company after getting promo items. Some swag is even kept and used for months or even years. 

The products you include don’t have to be fancy or expensive or give your prospect the idea that you’re trying to ‘bribe’ them. A thoughtful touch is to distribute pens and notepads with your company’s logo on them even before the presentation starts. Keep the swag business-themed and appropriate for the meeting. In addition to stationery and pens, consider items like:
  • Laser pointers
  • Mini whiteboards
  • Mints in a branded tin 
  • Calendars

We Can Help with the Leave-Behind and Your Presentation, Too
Of course, you know we produce beautiful printed materials, but did you know we can help you create stunning graphics for your presentation, too? Get in touch today to learn how we can support your NBD efforts. 
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