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Live The Dream

Franchise ownership provides something uniquely American—unlimited freedom and opportunity. If you’ve ever considered owning your own business, explore this exciting world with PIP.


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3 Recommendations for Business Signage


Aug 18, 2021

Ensure Quality Signage, Reap Business Benefits
Whether attracting the attention of passersby, or making an impression on visitors, customers and potential customers, business signage is critical to an integrated marketer’s efforts—both subtle and direct.

3 Win-Win Ways to Leverage Customer Data

Data Management

Aug 11, 2021

We’re big proponents of empowering small-business integrated marketers to better compete with larger, deeper-pocketed rivals.

How a Disruptive Brand Strategy Turned Casper into a $500M Business

Content Marketing

Jun 30, 2021

Mattress buying has always been a little weird, right? In the middle of the day, you plop down on a dozen different mattresses, each one hardly different from the last, while a salesperson looks at you expectantly. The mattress company Casper thought the process, and the rest of the industry, was broken. Their solution offers integrated marketers powerful lessons about standout brand strategy.

Five Signs You Need Creative Design Help

Creative Services

Jun 23, 2021

As great creative design software and DIY web and social apps become more accessible to integrated markers, more of you are taking the opportunity to create great-looking websites and design your own marketing collateral. But is there a time when you need to let go and call in professional help? Here are the telltale signs:

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