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Blog Post | Mar 19, 2024

How Signage Strengthens Your Brand

Though it’s a digital world, we still need analog marketing. Don’t miss out on the powerful, cost-effective marketing tool that can boost visibility, drive engagement and create loyalty: signage branding. This silent ambassador delivers a long-term return on your marketing investment.

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Despite living in a largely digital world, the significance of physical business signs remains high. They are the tangible, physical representation of your organization that people rely on to mark your location, communicate your name and/or message and connect with audiences or prospects. Whether you own or manage the smallest mom-and-pop shop or a monolith like Google or Netflix, it’s important to understand the value of investing in good business signage that represents your company.

What is Signage Branding?
Signage branding is the type of signage your company uses to communicate your brand to customers and prospective customers. This may range from external business signs on the physical structure or parking area to banners, billboards, tradeshow images, vehicle wraps and any other usage where you intend to catch the eye of customers.

Signage Branding Benefits
As well as serving as an attention-grabber inside or outside of a business location or at locations where you are displaying your company for advertising purposes, signage branding confers several benefits to your company.
  • Stand out in a crowd – differentiate and enhance your company’s visibility.
  • Expanded brand recognition – build familiarity in the community or market.
  • Increased credibility – project a credible image and build trust with customers and prospects.
  • Improved customer loyalty – build connections with customers that lead to loyalty.
  • Targeted customer outreach – targeted advertising to reach potential customers (foot traffic, signs at local community areas, billboards) or reinforce messaging with existing customers.
  • Cost-effective marketing – continue to generate brand exposure for years without additional investment.

The Importance of Signage Branding
Signage is a customer outreach touchpoint that stands out among the noise of the competition. It’s a marker and a brand communication tool in the marketplace. More than a location announcement, branded signs reinforce your company’s identity through the careful choice of colors, materials and fonts. These visual speedbumps entice and encourage viewers to interact with your brand by communicating key elements in an instant.

Tips for Creating Effective Signage
To maximize the benefits of signage branding, here are some tips your business will want to follow:
  1. Select a consistent color scheme and font (consult your brand guide, if applicable). This uniformity across the brand creates a cohesive brand image and makes you more memorable.
  2. Ensure that your signage is legible. It should be easy to read from a distance with clear fonts and appropriately sized
  3. Keep your messaging simple. You want your signage to be easy to understand and memorable, while reinforcing your brand.
  4. Invest in high-quality materials and professional design services. Anything less could negatively reflect on your brand.

Signage is more than a marketing tool; it is a branding necessity. It can mean the difference between standing out or blending in with your competitors. In today’s complex business landscape, with so many competing elements vying for your customers’ attention, your branded signage is invaluable for brand recognition, customer engagement, credibility and your ultimate business success.

Talk to our signage professionals to learn more tips for ensuring that your signage branding effectively represents your company.