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"t is an absolute pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for PIP New England. PIP has some of the best trained staff in the industry. They pride themselves on providing superior customer service and each client gets their own dedicated service representative. I would highly recommend PIP New England to anyone in the area looking to grow their business and get the most out of their marketing campaign. When you call on the professionals at PIP New England, you're sure to save time, money and stress!”

"Our company is growing fast and now with multiple locations and a distributed salesforce the need for branded marketing materials and other business forms was trying on our corporate staff. Picking, packing, and shipping was taking up too much of their time. Pip’s online ordering portals provided us with an easy and fast online solution all while protecting the integrity of our brand, helping us control costs, and keeping our staff focused on other priorities."
- Operations Manager, Franchise Organization

“Direct mail offers work for our business but getting our direct mail out the door and mailed on time is nearly impossible for us. PIP has this perfected. They are fast, efficient and know how to help us save money on postage and more, including assistance with targeting so we get our message delivered to the right people.”
- Owner, Gifts & Crafts Boutique

"Rolling out a new product is tough. The pressure was on, and expectations were high. But thanks to PIP everyone on our team looked like a hero. The entire campaign they developed to support our dealer network from brochures to direct mail to signs was exceptional."
- Product Manager, Manufacturing Company