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PIP Environmental & Sustainability Message

At PIP, we are committed to innovative sustainability practices focused on building a better world for future generations. We are changing the way we do business to preserve natural resources and the environment by reducing waste and reusing or recycling production materials, when possible. 

Partnering with our customers is paramount to meeting our sustainability goals. We aim to help our customers promote themselves in more sustainable ways through their printing and communication projects. Together, we can make a difference. 

Here are just some of our innovative offerings that are changing our environmental footprint: 

  • Digital and direct-to-plate technology requiring fewer chemicals 
  • Recycled and PCW paper that minimizes water and energy consumption and promotes sustainable forest management 
  • Soy-based inks which release fewer compounds into the air when drying 
  • Graphic design that creates “eco-friendly” brochures and marketing materials 
  • Scanning and archiving services that encourage paper recycling, rather than hard copy file storage 
  • Streamlined workflow that helps minimize waste and optimize efficiency 
  • Website “Send-a-File” and “Request-a-Quote” features that reduce the environmental effects of unnecessary transportation 
  • Web to Print and on demand digital printing that help eliminate inventory that becomes obsolete and ends up in landfills 
  • Online ordering capabilities that help minimize ordering errors that lead to wasted materials and energy resources 
  • Variable data printing that provides for more targeted marketing messaging thus also minimizing wasted materials and energy resources 

In addition, we support compliance with The Lacey Act Amendment of 2008 prohibiting all trade in plant and plant products that are illegally sourced from any U.S. State or any foreign country and expect our paper suppliers to ensure that they are in compliance with the Act relative to the paper we purchase.