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Manuals, Catalogs & Booklets

Reference materials have to work harder than most documents.

When it comes to manuals and catalogs, form truly follows function. They must provide fast, easy access to desired information, so design format plays an important role. Your PIP specialist can offer excellent recommendations to achieve an optimal experience.

Indie Booklet

Manuals, Catalogs & Booklets

Whether using tabs, color gradation, foldouts, durable finishes, coil bindery or other means to create effective usage, manuals and catalogs demand a disciplined approach to their design and print specifications. Will they be referred to on a daily basis? Used outdoors? Updated frequently or have a long shelf-life? All important questions that will help you make strategic decisions to ensure your marketing tools not only function properly but also do your corporate branding justice.

Construction Company Catalogs
25th anniversary Booklet for a Hospital
Inside Booklet of a hospital

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