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Blog Post | Apr 05, 2021

5 Ways a Vehicle Wrap Benefits Your Business

The top 5 benefits of a vinyl vehicle wrap for small business advertising.

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The best advertising that an integrated marketer can do for their business will be cost-effective, long-lasting, unique, and attention-grabbing. Many different marketing efforts have served as the top trending advertising solution that ticks all the right boxes in the past, but today small businesses might be surprised by the many benefits of a vinyl vehicle wrap for advertising a business. Here are the top five. 

They Are Attention-Grabbing

The human eye is drawn to anything that stands out from the norm. A brightly colored, professionally-designed vinyl car wrap will ensure that your vehicle stands out from the rest on the road. When sitting in traffic or at a stoplight, other commuters and passersby will find themselves looking at your car—whether they are seeing your brand for the first time or if you are reinforcing your message with them. To maximize the attention that you get, make sure that the vinyl is clear and easy to read. 

They Are an Effective Passive Advertisement

Sometimes the solution is not to be loud and aggressive but quietly confident. While many other forms of marketing can grab a consumer’s attention, a vehicle wrap is an unobtrusive way to continually put your brand in front of your audience. With a car wrap, you are leaving it up to the viewer to contact your company when the time is right. But the great news is that they’ve seen your vehicle so many times—on the road, in traffic, or parked in strategic locations—that you are top of mind when they need your service or product. 

They Continually Reinforce Your Brand

Your brand is both how you differentiate your business for consumers (design, copy, message) and the perception of what your business stands for (loyalty, quality, trust). A vinyl vehicle wrap reinforces your brand identification for a wide range of demographics while your consistency and regular presence help to support the idea of your trustworthiness. 

Take Advantage of Hyperlocal Advertising

With a car wrap, you are primarily advertising to your local market. This makes you particularly attractive to those consumers who prefer to shop local. A vinyl wrap not only lets potential customers know that you are local but that you are active in the community and in-demand with other local businesses, as you drive around making deliveries or attending to errands. Your continued visibility in the local market also helps to make you a fixture, making you a go-to provider when a consumer needs to buy what you’re selling. Getting known around your town for your car wrap is a great way to ensure that you get hired for local jobs. 

Wraps are Cost-Effective

Most types of advertising that an integrated marketer will do for business involve recurring costs—search engine, social media, direct mail, etc. But vinyl vehicle wraps only require an initial investment and can generate results for years to come. You are going places you would likely already go but you are doing it in a fully-branded vehicle. Wraps are also designed and manufactured to withstand weather and other incidents, helping them continue to look good for a long time—you can’t say the same for online ads that must be frequently swapped out. It’s also cost-effective because you are placing the wrap on top of a vehicle that you already have, utilizing an existing asset. 

There are many more advantages to a custom vinyl vehicle wrap than can be stated here. From the ease of swapping them out when you want to change your messaging, to the additional layer of protection they offer your vehicle, these long-wearing, mobile, and comparatively inexpensive ads offer you an all-new way to spread the word to your local audience by making a great first, 50th, and 100th impression.