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Monument & Building Signs

Greeting customers happens before they walk through your door.

A successful monument or building sign is the first thing a customer sees upon arrival to your establishment. It should support your brand and instill confidence. Many variables are involved in this undertaking – from sign placement and dimensions to design, materials and installation. Working with a sign expert is highly recommended.


Monument & Building Signs

Business parks, new home neighborhoods, shopping centers, stadiums, freestanding corporate and public structures all require some form of business identification signage. These signs serve as a visual representation of the brand and help customers identify the location and services offered by a business.

At PIP, we understand the importance of creating an impactful first impression through signage. We offer a vast array of sign styles, materials, and print processes to ensure that our clients' vision is achieved. Our team of sign specialists work closely with clients to understand their needs and goals, and to provide customized solutions that will make their business stand out.

Our selection of sign styles includes 3D channel letters, which are perfect for creating a bold and striking display on an exterior wall. These letters are often back-lit, creating a dramatic effect that captures the attention of passersby. For freestanding signs that welcome customers to a business complex or public structure, we offer a variety of options, including monument signs, pylon signs, and post and panel signs.

We use a range of materials to create our signs, from traditional materials like metal and wood to modern options like acrylic and LED. Our print processes include digital printing, screen printing, and vinyl graphics, allowing us to create a range of designs and finishes that suit our clients' needs.

In short, at PIP, we specialize in creating memorable and effective business identification signage that helps our clients' businesses stand out in their respective industries.

Parking lot backlit monument sign
Standing LED Sign
Backlit Sign for Auto Store
Palo Alto Building Signs