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4 Reasons to Embrace Digital Signage for Internal Communications


Feb 13, 2019

Interior Digital SignageIf you’re a marketer who has made the investment in (and is reaping the rewards of) digital signage, why should your customers have all the fun? Digital signs are the perfect vehicle for employee and internal communications. Here’s why you should do digital double-duty, and how it will benefit your workforce and company.

Bypass the Inbox

Perhaps not all of your employees have company email addresses, and those who do probably have an inbox filled with spam and other distractions. Cut to the chase and put important company announcements on your digital signs. Think of your digital signage as an attractive, modern alternative to a bulletin board. You can also strengthen your brand by ensuring all communications use the right logo, colors, and fonts.

Emphasize Your Company’s Culture

In a hot job market, your company’s culture is one of the things that can attract and retain the right employees. Use your company’s digital signage to engage employees and remind them of your values. For example, if your company promotes a laid-back and fun culture, display a few of the latest memes or even humorous YouTube clips. If your company positions itself as a wholesome, family-friendly workplace, use employee family pictures and photos from company events.

Turn Your Employees into Spokespeople

Closely related to the previous example, well-executed communications that promote your company’s values and achievements make employees feel good about working there. Recognize exceptional performers and those who live the brand, as well as how your company “walks the talk” from the top down. Soon, your employees will become your best evangelists and spread the gospel to vendors, outside associates, and their own networks.

Create a Climate of Openness and Transparency

Sharing news about your company and its financial goals, progress, and initiatives can make everyone feel like they’re a part of the conversation. This, in turns, creates trust in the organization and satisfaction in the job. Such a commitment to transparency and forthrightness is one of the reasons that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has a 96% approval rating on Glassdoor.

Now, Think Big

We’re not necessarily talking about installing a video wall (though that actually could be a great idea), but we are encouraging integrated marketers to think of signage as an important part of their overall internal communications strategy, which may include an intranet, brochures, and more. When they all work together, you can make a huge impact that will be appreciated throughout the organization.

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