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Franchise ownership provides something uniquely American—unlimited freedom and opportunity. If you’ve ever considered owning your own business, explore this exciting world with PIP.


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6 steps to a stronger B2B brand.


Nov 15, 2018

Marketing in general and branding in particular are typically long on stuff that sounds good and short on substance. For a fluff-free brand, focus on two things:  Simplicity and clarity. Somewhere in your company — in your people or processes or products — is something very special. Your job is to identify that something, hone it to a razor-sharp edge — and present it to the marketplace simply yet powerfully.

Why cold email is (still) a hot marketing idea.

Direct Marketing

Nov 13, 2018

Creating cold emails that get opened and responded to isn’t difficult if you’ll take a few minutes to learn proven best practices. In a handy post about successful cold emailing, digital marketing authority Neil Patel surveys 11 kinds of cold emails. This article shares a summary about seven of them.

The Non-Photographer’s Guide to Working with Stock Photography

Creative Services

Nov 08, 2018

Marketers who want to keep quality high and costs low may want to consider purchasing stock photography for their communications needs. This is a brief guide to understanding where and how to purchase, as well as why some photos cost so much more.

3 Tips for User Intent SEO Strategy - Drive More Relevant Traffic, Increase Performance

Search Marketing

Nov 06, 2018

Part of Google’s intensive search algorithm includes user intent, displaying search results by relevance. For this reason, understanding intent when creating website content is essential to improving your site’s relevance and SEO. There are three stages of user intent: informational, navigational, and transactional.

6 Social Media Mistakes Marketers Make - Avoid These Posting & Planning Missteps

Social Media

Nov 01, 2018

Social media offers a remarkable business advantage for integrated marketers. Unfortunately, the sheer number of available platforms, frequent algorithmic updates, and required time commitment often prevent businesses from maximizing social media’s benefits. In fact, as Smart Insights outlined recently, there are six costly—and unintentional—mistakes that marketers often make with their social media strategy.

Treat Your Employees and Customers With Holiday Promotional Items

Promotional Products

Oct 30, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas from Fun to Fabulous
It’s that time of year again, when businesses both large and small start thinking about how to recognize their staff and prized clients, and integrated marketers try to figure out how to do it affordably while still making an unforgettable impression. Below is our curated list of five buzzworthy gifts that can pull this double duty. Our list runs the gamut from just a few dollars, to items for those looking to splurge a bit.

How To Write More Effective PPC Search Ads

Search Marketing

Oct 25, 2018

Those little text ads that show up in your search results look deceptively simple. But success of your paid PPC search campaign is riding on a few well-chosen words. Take time to make sure you choose every word carefully for maximum effectiveness, while keeping your message aligned with your overall integrated marketing mix.

The Real Price of Purchased Email Lists

Email Marketing

Oct 23, 2018

Email marketing is a hugely popular and successful way for integrated marketers to reach prospects. But if you don’t have enough prospects of your own, should you consider renting or buying a third-party list? While it has its attractive qualities—instantly grow your list, make sure your list is more refined and targeted—there are also a number of drawbacks to consider, from damaging your reputation or ending up on blacklists, to even being able to use the list you just shelled out all that money to get!

How to avoid an identity crisis.


Oct 18, 2018

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for decades, it’s smart to schedule an in-house session to review all the elements of your identity program. In A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Powerful Brand Identity, Column Five Media shares a straightforward process for success.

The Ins and Outs of Creating Instagram-Friendly Signage


Oct 16, 2018

Integrated marketers need signage anyway, so why not get some synergy by creating Instagram worthy store signs that encourage user generated

How to make dollars (and sense) of all that data.

Data Management

Oct 11, 2018

If you’re like countless small businesses, your most pressing question about data is, “what do we do with it?” For many companies, that means job one is developing a viable data storage plan.

5 Social Media Habits to Drop Now - Don’t Let These Bad Practices Hold You Back

Social Media

Oct 09, 2018

While social media presents a terrific opportunity to build connections, amplify content, and reach new prospects, social media can be a challenge to get right. Copyblogger has put together a list of 5 bad social media habits that you need to break right now.

What’s Possible with Personalization (Hint: A Higher Conversion Rate and More Sales)


Oct 04, 2018

The goals of personalization are to get your audience deeper into the funnel and make them repeat customers. And it works: 85% of consumers say they purchased as a result of a personalized homepage.

7 Content Marketing Insights Shape Your Strategy Using These Key Findings

Content Marketing

Oct 02, 2018

Research indicates that customers place different values on various types of content depending on their place in the purchase cycle. In the early stages, integrated marketers should emphasize image- or audio-heavy content that requires less of a time commitment.

Boost Your Social Presence and Email Marketing with Explainer Videos


Sep 27, 2018

Integrated marketers are using explainer videos as the centerpiece of successful email marketing campaigns and social media initiatives. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an explainer video is the equivalent to all the words in a brochure or fact sheet, and then some.

Why Outsourcing Marketing is Good for Your Bottom Line


Sep 25, 2018

Whether it’s tight deadlines, doing repetitive work in a limited brand palette, or having a big project with 37 rounds of revisions…admit it: you and your employees are fantasizing about running away to a tropical island. When the going gets tough, the smart integrated marketers call for help.

There’s Finally a Right Answer for How Long a Sales Email Should Be

Email Marketing

Sep 20, 2018

Since the dawn of time (or at least, email marketing), integrated marketers have wondered, “How long should my sales emails be?” Finally, there’s a right answer, and a right way to get there.

800 million reasons to embrace Instagram.

Social Media

Sep 18, 2018

Picture success with the wildly popular photo sharing app. Instagram may not have been

5 Creative Event Networking Options - Make Networking Fun While Connecting Attendees

Event Marketing

Sep 13, 2018

Networking is one of the main reasons why people go to events. According to the Forbes Insights survey, 85% of people build stronger, more meaningful relationships during a face-to-face interaction. These 5 ideas for event planners will help you turn networking at your next event into a memorable experience.

Push Notifications for Better Mobile Customer Retention - This Easy Outreach Tool Can Keep Your App Top of Mind

Mobile Marketing

Sep 11, 2018

Marketing Land determined that despite the glut of options in the top app stores (Apple, Google, Amazon), users ultimately only select and keep the apps that are the most useful to them. They suggest that push notifications, a simple and easy-to-use feature built into nearly every app, may be just the solution for curbing churn and boosting retention.

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