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Franchise ownership provides something uniquely American—unlimited freedom and opportunity. If you’ve ever considered owning your own business, explore this exciting world with PIP.


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5 Steps to Help You Reactivate Lapsed Customers

Marketing Strategy,Data Management

Aug 12, 2020

It costs far less to reactivate a lapsed customer than it does to win a new one. Integrated marketers can take advantage of a wealth of information they have on their inactive customers to create exciting offers and promotions to draw them back into their business.

Sharing Is Caring: Getting Subscribers to Forward Your Email

Email Marketing

Aug 04, 2020

In Kindergarten, we all learned the value of sharing. And with good reason: It’s a necessary skill to live amicably in society. Turns out, it’s also a necessary skill in direct marketing, according to Marketing Land columnist Chad White.

Tried-and-True Tips for Improving Email Response

Direct Marketing,Email Marketing

Jul 29, 2020

Despite the number of channels competing for consumers’ attention, email remains one of the integrated marketer’s most potent and powerful options. In fact, email marketing can be up to 20 times more effective than other tactics at moving readers into action.

Busting 5 Myths That May Be Keeping You Off Social Media

Social Media

Jul 22, 2020

It’s not too late for marketers who’ve been slow to adopt social media marketing and outreach. Once they get past common myths, such as “it’s just for kids” or “it will just open us up for complaints,” professionals realize how

Google Gives Pinterest a Run for Its Money with Keen

Social Media,Content Marketing

Jul 15, 2020

New App Allows Users to Curate, Collaborate and Expand Their Interests

The Best Tactic You’re Not Already Using: SMS Gets Results

Mobile Marketing

Jul 08, 2020

Despite offering impressive versatility and reach, SMS (short message service or text messaging) marketing is an underused tactic. Here’s why and how to add it to your integrated marketing efforts.

7 Easy Tips to Make Your Signage More Instagrammable and Reach New Customers

Social Media,Signage

Jul 01, 2020

You know your business needs signage, and it’s not hard to create Instagram-worthy signs and displays that can help you get attention and reach new customers. These 7 easy tips will help you maximize your impact.

Boost Your Direct Marketing Success with a Johnson Box (and Its Email Equivalent)

Direct Marketing

Jun 24, 2020

Most integrated marketers understand there’s a lot about direct mail that seems counterintuitive. First of all, the medium itself still continues to outperform most digital tactics. And it’s a technique that’s been around for 60 years, that still works as well now as it did back in the day.

Creative Display Lessons SMBs Can Learn from the Retail’s Big Boys


Jun 17, 2020

Integrated marketers don’t need billion-dollar budgets to create signage and displays that get attention and move product. Take some free inspiration from some of the world’s top retailers.

Choose Your Words Carefully: Crafting Marketing Messages During COVID-19

Content Marketing,Other

Jun 10, 2020

Here’s how integrated marketers can create copy and messaging that will resonate with their customers for all the right reasons during COVID-19

What’s Next for Small Business Post-COVID?


Jun 03, 2020

5 Predictions for the Future of the Next New Normal

Digital Marketing After COVID-19: What’s Working Now

Marketing Strategy,Search Marketing

May 27, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the digital marketing landscape, and many integrated marketers are unsure of what tactics will help them achieve their goals. Even though we may never get back to business as usual, there are still reliable ways to connect with an audience and make sales.

What Does the Future Hold for Events Post-COVID-19?

Event Marketing

May 20, 2020

How Event Planners Can Continue to Provide Value in a Distanced Future

5 Big Ideas for Small Business Video


May 13, 2020

If you’ve talked yourself out of using video because you thought it was too complicated or too expensive, these talking points from business.com just might change your mind.

3 Key SMS Messaging Tips - This Oldie May Be a Goodie for Reaching Your Customers

May 06, 2020

The next big thing in talking to your customers may actually be an old standard: SMS Marketing.

Back to Basics: Writing Your Unique Selling Proposition

Marketing Strategy

Apr 29, 2020

Whether you’re just starting or you’re an integrated marketer with a well-established brand, you need a unique selling proposition (USP). More than a tagline, a USP encapsulates your brand promise to consumers and helps you differentiate your company or offerings from the competition.

The Comeback Kid: Posters are all the Rage During Pandemic 2020


Apr 22, 2020

They May be Old-School, but they Still Capture Viewer Attention

Make-or-Break Best Practices for Building Trust With Your Online Storefront

Apr 15, 2020

We tackle some of the biggest online trust-busters with actionable fixes you can make today during these times when creating a trustworthy shopping experience is key.

Direct Mail Remains a Valuable Marketing Tool During Shutdown

Direct Marketing

Apr 08, 2020

While there may be concerns about direct mail because of the virus, let’s take a look at the many reasons why this form of marketing remains strong.

Sign of the Times: How to Spread Knowledge and Hope During COVID-19


Apr 01, 2020

In the age of COVID-19, communicating with customers means communicating at a distance – but the right signage can help integrated marketers inform and connect. Here are a few ideas for staying top-of-mind and reassuring your customers that they can count on you.

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