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3 Key SMS Messaging Tips - This Oldie May Be a Goodie for Reaching Your Customers

May 06, 2020

Woman w/MobileConsumers’ love affair with their mobile devices is in no danger of slowing down. Our smartphones are constantly at our fingertips and we spend nearly five hours accessing them each day—making a simple text message an ideal method for capturing your customers’ attention.  Additionally, open rates for mobile messages far outpace that of email because SMS is easy-to-use and can be done while on-the-go, leading to an almost instant payoff.

So, we know that SMS is an effective and accessible channel, but MarketingProfs cautions that there are three important considerations to keep in mind when using text messaging to reach your audience.

Be Personal

Make your customers feel special. Personalize your messaging whenever possible, send special offers for birthdays, recognize loyal customers, or invite them to exclusive events. If your database or CRM allows you to track past purchases, reference those details in future communications. Encourage an ongoing relationship by being personal and direct—the simple act of the (required) opt-in lets you open the door to further conversation.  

Be Relevant

Always tailor your messaging to your audience. Just as in any other medium, irrelevant content will turn the customer off and can lead to opt-outs. Segment your target audience as much as possible to ensure that your SMS text content resonates with recipients. Consider how your messaging should differ by gender, age, interest, prior actions they have taken or purchases they made, etc.

Be Timely

Make sure you’re messaging your audience when they will be interested, awake and receptive. Look at your existing data: when do your customers view your current communications? Is there a better day or time to reach them? Depending on who you are sending your SMS messages to, consider whether they will be online during business hours or if they are likely to be free on weekends. Also look at other demographic indicators (age, location) to determine if they are they likely to be awake and active when you are sending your messages. And unless it makes sense for your customers, don’t message on holidays—and never SPAM your audience.

SMS messaging is inexpensive, convenient and likely to be viewed by nearly everyone with a mobile device. Audiences are typically receptive to responsible texting since they are already on their phones anyway. Integrated marketers looking for that ‘holy grail’ of simplified communication may find that SMS is an effective way of reaching even the most selective of consumers because it doesn’t require much more than typing in a brief code to subscribe or unsubscribe.

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