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Blog Post | Feb 22, 2022

3 Trends to Shake Up Your Email Marketing in 2022

Many integrated marketers often think of email as the workhorse in their stable—no nonsense and dependable, but not necessarily the coolest tool in the box. It’s time to shake up your campaigns and boost your results by trying a few of this year’s biggest trends.

Topics: Content Marketing, Email Marketing

Shake Up your marketing
For many integrated marketers, email is the workhorse in their stable. Like a humble cheeseburger, email marketing isn’t the newest or flashiest thing, but it’s dependable and gets the job done.

It’s time to upgrade how you think about your email! We’re excited to share some of the latest trends that will dominate email marketing in 2022.

And just like adding a dab of pesto or a piece of bacon can elevate that cheeseburger, these tips are game changers that can put a whole new spin on your emails while still delivering the goods.

Interactive content captivates

In this ultra-competitive landscape, making it past a recipient’s spam filters and then getting them to open your email are pretty significant—but still not enough. Your email needs to be engaging enough to get your audience to read it. Building simple interactions into your email can help break up your content and keep your audience captivated. When planning your next email, think about including:
  • Simple quizzes
  • Videos
  • Carousels
  • Add-to-calendar modules

Besides giving your audience a break, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons: Only 23% of marketers say they’ve tried interactive emails, so this could be a huge opportunity.

More emphasis on dark mode

People love using their phones and tablets in dark mode—that darker color palette that seems ready-made for low light situations or night time. Recent studies show that about 40% of Apple users prefer it for their iOS, and 95% of Android users prefer it across the board. Ignore this at your peril: The best-case scenario is your emails will look wonky and unattractive; the worst-case scenario is that they get marked as spam.

Your developers need to know how different email clients render your designs; some will automatically convert most elements of your email, while others require additional programming. However, some basic best practices for dark mode include:
  • Outline white text in black
  • Avoid saturated colors when possible (or desaturate them)
  • Keep your emails scannable with less content
  • Use bold text sparingly

The ultimate solution to maintaining control of your email appearance, no matter what mode recipients use? Sending a plain-text email. Other advantages of using this no-frills format:
  • Less chance of being marked as spam
  • Conveys urgency and authenticity
  • Compatible with most wearables

Get creative with your A/B testing

A/B testing may not be the coolest new trend, but it can lead to better-performing emails and landing pages—and increasing sales and winning new customers is pretty exciting! Shockingly, fewer than 40% of marketers are testing their campaigns, and they’re missing out on collecting insights and data they can use to boost the performance of their digital elements.

This year, drill down and try testing elements such as:
  • Number of links in your email. Your emails shouldn’t link out to too many sources but try a split test with two links vs. no links to see which performs better.
  • The greeting. Believe it or not, something as simple as whether you say, “Hello,” “Hey there” or “Hi John” can make a huge difference. Test and find out what works best for your company.
  • Word order in the subject line. Since we read left to right, “frontloading” a special offer or personalized text might affect open and click-through rates.
  • Plain text vs. HTML. You can also start by testing whether a plain text email performs better than an HTML version.

Keep sweating the small stuff

Most of these suggestions are probably things you’re already doing or could easily be doing. The trick is executing them flawlessly—and creating strategic content, keeping your lists clean so you’re reaching your best prospects and driving them back to a high-performing landing page … you get the point. It’s a lot.

Our email marketing specialists are here to help with everything that goes into a successful integrated campaign. Call us to learn more about our capabilities.