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Busting the 5 Myths that Keep B2B Marketers Off Instagram

Social Media

Dec 04, 2019

Insta Engagements and LikesIf you’re an integrated B2B marketer, it’s time to quit dragging your feet, get on Instagram, and start building connections and reaching new prospects. Allow us to gently smash the most common excuses marketers make for avoiding the platform.

Myth #1: My customers aren’t there.

Currently, more than 1 billion people use Instagram each month – that probably includes your customers. And consider this: in the next two years, Millennials will make up 50% of the U.S. workforce, with Gen Z not far behind. They are most assuredly on Instagram, so your brand needs to be there to reach these influential decision-makers. See how Mailchimp targets these groups in a way that means business.

Myth #2: It’s just a bunch of glossy pictures.

Instagram supports a wide variety of marketing opportunities, including videos, quizzes, contests, and other media that can raise your profile and create instant engagement. Users are actively seeking out content from advertisers: one-third of the most-viewed Stories are from businesses.

For inspiration, look at how IBM makes full use of Stories, quizzes, and even an interactive Q&A feature.

Myth #3: It won’t help me make sales.

Technically, it’s true one post won’t convert anyone – but Instagram is a cost-efficient way to draw people deeper into your funnel. In one study, 20% of brands that regularly marketed on Instagram got as much as 50% of their traffic from the platform. Keep creating engaging content and the sales eventually will happen!

Myth #4: People use Instagram for entertainment, not education.

Instagram is a great place to showcase data and information about your company. The trick is to make it visually appealing, like using infographics and brightly colored charts to showcase granular information and data. To see what we mean, check out HubSpot’s account, and all of the engaging ways they’ve found to highlight factoids.

Myth #5: I’m already using LinkedIn and Twitter so I don’t need Instagram.
This is like saying, “I’m already advertising on TV; why do I need brochures?” Each platform serves a unique need for its users and should have a different place in your marketing. Instagram is part of a mix that could also include not just other social platforms, but high-impact collateral, direct mail, and much more.

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