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3 Steps You Can Take for More Effective Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Marketing

May 29, 2019

Mobile MarketingQualified leads are essential to business success, so how do you ensure you are capturing them with your mobile outreach? The answer is to think strategically from the very beginning, building a strong foundation for grabbing a visitor’s interest and getting them to fill out your form. Smart Insights has put together a three-step approach to boosting lead capture on mobile landing pages that will help integrated marketers develop more effective landing pages.

Start with Your Copy

Mobile screen space is limited, so make every word count. Copy should be essential and relevant, easy to comprehend and follow, clear and concise, and you should get to the point quickly. Simplify everything and ensure that your landing page is compelling, engaging, and direct.

With a goal of “show, don’t tell,” integrated marketers are well-served to ensure that critical information is clearly articulated in landing page messaging:
  • A persuasive headline
  • A solution to your prospect’s pain points
  • Value or validation of your offer (customers served, awards won, case studies)
  • Effective CTA buttons
And a note about design: make sure your fonts are large, clear and easy-to-read, and that images are not overwhelming and work well in a small format. Mobile messaging is not the place for an over-the-top artistic swing.

Be Skillful About Capturing Emails

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider how you would feel about your form. Is it annoying, does it appear too soon in the process, is it a pop-up that interrupts your reading?

Now is the time to be thoughtful and purposeful with your strategy and ask yourself the following about the customer’s experience:

  • When is the best time to ask for personal information?
    • What triggers will you designate (number of visits, time-on-page)
  • How and when should you interrupt their page experience?
    • Be contextual, ensure that the reader is in control, add value to their visit
  • Remember to be forthcoming, encouraging, and to thank them for sharing their information
Lower the Stakes with Your CTAs

Many businesses write their landing pages as though they will automatically close a sale from the first visit. This is rarely the case, so instead center your mobile strategy on capturing more qualified leads and starting conversations. Not sure what the difference is? Consider Buy Now/Sign Up Now vs. Learn More/Explore language. Far better to open an ongoing, productive dialogue than to lose a prospect by expecting them to “pull the trigger” too soon.

Make it clear to mobile readers that you are leaving the power in their hands:
  • Give them the option to learn or view more (what is your highest performing content? Share it!)
  • Offer them an exchange: their contact information for something of real value from your business (article download, video access, free service trial)
  • Use reassuring language (no credit card required, free trial period)
  • Consider a “sticky” CTA button that follows the reader as they scroll down the landing page
Another design note: ensure that it is easy for users to easily access the CTA button. Consider the size and spacing, and that it is doable with one finger, as many people access their devices one-handed.


Naturally, the easiest thing integrated marketers could do for mobile landing pages is to make sure the desktop site is responsive and that the mobile site will therefore be easy to use. Better still, though, to put thought into the prospect’s experience, thinking through each step of their journey, how they will interact with your design, and the ways in which they will be driven to act by your copy.

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