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Tips for Getting a Featured Snippet on Google

Search Marketing

Dec 18, 2019

Google SearchYou’ve seen it on your Google search results page (SERP), but you might not have known what to call it.  The Featured Snippet, also known as Position 0, is often the first thing you see on your SERP, the box that provides a quick answer to your long-tail search. Featured Snippets also show prominently on voice search results, and are positioned above the natural results and below Google’s paid results.

Website Magazine has put together a streamlined overview of this unique positioning opportunity, its benefits, and how integrated marketers can ensure their company or product gets a shot at that prime real estate.

Benefits of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are a powerful SEO tool. Your company doesn’t have to be first in the industry, and you don’t have to pay any additional advertising fees—and you can still make it to Position 0, a spot that takes up a significant amount of space on the SERP.

Featured Snippets not only give you greater brand exposure, but HubSpot research shows that content with a Featured Snippet has a 2x higher click-thru rate. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for earning a Featured Snippet, and the Google gods can always decide to give the Snippet to another company. So, here are a few tips to give your organization the best shot at making it to Position 0.

How to Reach Zero

  1. Do your keyword research – Featured Snippets are generated based on long-tail, conversationally-worded keyword searches. To ensure that your keywords perform for Featured Snippets, you have to construct your posts better than your competitors for a given keyword. Question or ‘vs’ keywords lend themselves best to Featured Snippets.

  2. Choose one of the four types of Featured Snippets – paragraph, list, video, and table. Consider the best way to present the keywords that you’ve identified, produce quality content, and make it snippable (40-60 words). If you’ve already formatted your content as one of the above types of snippets, you’re in a better position to have your content featured.

  3. Optimize it all
  • Content – Feature the content on your site (preferably on an answer page) and make sure that you stay within the recommended word count. A clear overview of the answer triggered by a keyword, at the right length, is much easier for Google to find when generating Featured Snippets.
  • Headings – Make sure to break up your content into relevant sections and format with different paragraph or header styles.
  • Break up content – Use images and headings to separate content and help Google find snippet text. Include an image in your on-page answer text.
  • Images – Include quality, optimized images with your content. Relevant images are likely to be pulled along with your content when Google is building Featured Snippets.
  • Include similar questions – It’s possible you could end up with multiple snippets generated by Google, so make sure you include other relevant questions within your content.

Don’t Miss Out!

Now’s the time for integrated marketers to take advantage of this great search opportunity. Invest some time into keyword research and optimization so that you can enjoy the benefits of a Featured Snippet on a Google SERP.

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