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Blog Post | Feb 08, 2022

Planning Your Next Direct Mail Campaign? Why You Should Partner with a Marketing Services Company

Working with a marketing services company can help you streamline your integrated marketing campaigns and boost results. Learn more about why it makes sense to work with a direct mail partner.

Topics: Direct Mail

Direct Mail
Direct mail is opened 90% of the time. It’s projected that U.S. revenue for direct mail will reach over $10 billion by 2024, with response rates five to nine times higher than with other channels.

When planning a direct mail campaign, integrated marketers can choose to oversee the many moving parts themselves internally, or work with a marketing services company capable of handling a wide range of needs from strategy to design, printing, fulfillment and mailing.

What service companies can do for you

An outside marketing services provider has resources that can help you streamline your campaigns while boosting results. These resources include database management systems capable of segmenting and customizing mail pieces and eliminating undeliverable addresses and duplicates within mailing lists, helping to improve deliverability and results.

Other services include:
  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • List sorting and cleansing
  • Mailer design and production
  • Personalization, including variable data printing (VDP)
  • Targeting
  • Fulfillment
  • Tabbing, folding, gluing
  • Class certifying and sorting
  • Full-service shipping and distribution
  • Response tracking and tracing

The joy of outsourcing

There are dozens of reasons to outsource mailing services and fulfillment to a marketing services company—most notable perhaps is that less strategic responsibilities can be consolidated and outsourced, freeing marketers to use their time and resources in more valuable ways.

Working with a knowledgeable, experienced marketing services team can also help you expedite campaigns, and time is money. An outside specialist already has the equipment, staff and relationships in place to produce and deploy campaigns quickly, thereby saving you the costs of creating an internal system or having to manage multiple vendors.

Other benefits to marketers include:
  • Quick, easy setup
  • Access to prospects you might not otherwise be able to reach
  • Improved response rate and brand recognition
  • Access to the best rates
  • Ability to create a custom shipping package
  • Providers can store marketing materials for fulfillment services if needed
  • Minimize costs and delays with optimization
  • Maximize open rates and responses
  • Get your mailer into mailboxes ahead of your competition

Here to help

Our marketing services professionals have decades of experience helping businesses manage all aspects of their direct mail campaigns. With help from our team, you can enjoy the efficiencies and avoid the tedium of program oversight, while building brand trust and meeting changing customer demands. Give us a call or reach out through our website for more details.